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It should come as no surprise that nearly all small electronic devices and gadgets are manufactured in China and every on-line vendor or catalog company selling these products imports them from China. They are absolutely not made in the USA. A huge problem that plagues this industry is that hundreds if not thousands of small shops are producing these products and using the cheapest components they can find. Legitimate licensed manufacturers are actually very small compared to these shops that are counterfeiting their products producing "knock offs". Similar to most products that have a worldwide market they are purchased by brokers and distributors that sell them in bulk to American companies. These brokers will purchase from many sources searching out the lowest prices. Unsuspecting vendors then end up with a case of a specific product that could have been sourced from many different shops. Quality control (Q.C) is not a priority with "knock off" products. Defects and failure rates can easily reach an astounding 50%. Many US vendors accept this being aware that profits will exceed the returns combined with the knowledge that many customers also never bother to return defective purchases.

Even if a vendor is buying from a known reputable source defects are still part of any electronic product whether it is a small surveillance device or a high end plasma TV. Proper "QC" is part of a legitimate licensed manufacturers process in China but any "QC" process is subject to errors and even though a product has been tested electronic devices can still fail after a few uses. Legitimate "QC" products can still have a failure rate of 15-20% once they reach the end user.  This is common knowledge and is normal with electronic "gadget" devices.

HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT ? is unique in this industry and sets itself apart from other on-line vendors selling imported surveillance "gadgetry" devices. The owner is married to a Chinese woman and we deal directly with her relative who is a manager in one specific factory and supplies us with all our imported products from China. In return to purchasing exclusively from him we receive special "QC" (Quality Control) attention on all our orders. Following this our orders are set aside and tested again by her nephew Lei who is our direct representative.  Lei takes all our orders home and retests every product. Even though they have already passed a "QC" process he still finds some products that fail after testing them a few more times. This special "QC" process highly reduces the percentage of possible defective products shipped to us but we know there can still be some instances of failure. Again, this is the nature of electronics. Once we receive our products at each device is again tested and placed on a shelf and marked "QC" by us. Not surprisingly during our testing we occasionally discover a unit that fails despite the extra "QC" we had received from the factory and our personal representative. Lastly when an order is taken these units are again tested one more time before they are placed in a box to be shipped out. It is rare but occasionally we again discover a defective unit.

The end result is that all the defects discovered by the "special" attention we get from the factory, the follow up testing by our personal rep and our own double testing here nearly guarantees our customers they will receive a product that will work not only out of the box but will continue to function after many continued uses.  Other vendors selling these types of products rely only on the factory QC and if they dont have a close relationship such as ours it can be very poor. Their purchase are directly shipped with no further QC and placed on their shelves ready to ship to the end purchaser with no further QC by them.  Because of the lack of QC their customers routinely receive products that are DOA (dead on arrival) or fail within a few uses.

In addition to reducing our defects to .05% we supply detailed English instructions to supplement the "Chin-English manuals that unfortunately are sometimes very confusing.  Lastly our Chinese rep is also available to communicate directly with any customer that needs support. Although our products are very simple to use we understand some customers are in dire need of a "computer 101" lesson or there is something "funky" going on with their own computers.

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