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Following nearly two years without a quality dash cam we were lucky to find a manufacturer that was willing to supply us with a low cost but quality dash cam. The unit we chose had just been introduced to the market with a front, inside and a rear auxiliary camera. This is an outstanding unit as it serves both the average driver and the huge demand by Uber and Lyft drivers.

Unfortunately shortly after its initial release date it was rapidly copied by many other manufacturers that compete viciously trying to sell the latest product at the lowest possible price.   

Although the dash cameras look identical these "copycats" all use different low quality components.  Purposely deceiving they claim their unit to be the same high quality as the first model.  They blatantly lie about the specs, features and especially the resolution. Claims of FHD are false and "interpolation" and software manipulation is used to falsely report the pixel (resolution) count in the properties.

All of these "copycat" manufacturers sell only to vendors and distributors and typically these units end up at Wal*Mart, Target, E-bay, Amazon and other discount websites.  When these manufacturers are questioned by a knowledgeable vendor they will freely admit their resolution and features are FAKEa word they freely use

They justify their fake and false feature claims by saying the average consumer does not know anything about dash cameras and will believe their false advertising, the false print on the boxes as well as their manuals. The typical website presentation is only a picture, a vivid claim of High definition and then their cheap price. 

They rely on the simple fact that most people have no knowledge of what decent dash cam video should look like and are only interested in their cheap price.

This is marketing strategy that many companies that sell super cheap products use.  The small percentage of returns they do get hardly put a dent into the tens of thousands of sales they've made by enticing customers with what they know is an irresistible price.

LYING about the specifications, features and quality is common accepted practice in the dash camera industry.

Working with the original manufacturer we requested several upgrades to their initial   unit.  The result is our unit is the only version that has true 1080 P (FHD) resolution produced by the front and passenger lens, as well as other custom features and component upgrades. All of these features and specifications are highlighted on our product link (Exclusive to SecuritySystems.Com).

This custom version is exclusive to SecuritySystems.Com

When powered up it initially shows"SecuritySystems.Com" on the display screen

We also ship from Quincy, Ma and you should receive your purchase within 2-3 days.  

To date we have sold over 175,000 dash cams and have great reviews.  Shopper Approved )


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