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FYI: The internet is inundated with hundreds of versions and vendors selling these units. Most if not all purchase in bulk along with a myriad of other products with the emphasis on the cheapest price possible. They sell "boxes" and have no knowledge of their products.  ALL of these key chain cameras with the exception of the LawMate unit are made in China with the cheapest components possible, a fact not lost on most American consumers today.  


We know that most purchasers of these products are motivated by the need to record an important event and find themselves disappointed if not angry when their recording device arrives either D.O.A or fails to operate during the critical window of opportunity.

Although the "shell" of these units may look the same there is a world of difference in components. does not sell the units with the low grade pcb's, lenses and batteries.  In dealing with only one contractor shop our products have the highest quality components available, thus our defect rate is 1/10 of 1%.


Conversely the industry "standard" is accepted at 20%, driven by the decision to use the cheapest components possible in order to entice buyers with a cheap price. does not sell "boxes" of stuff we have no knowledge of.  We are only in the security business  (About Us)  and choose to sell only a select number of surveillance products that meet our strict quality guidelines.  We know and understand our products, have qualified staff and answer our e-mails or phone calls promptly.


When you purchase from you are guaranteed a quality product. It will arrive in 2-3 days and will operate free of any defects.  Most importantly that surveillance project you have planned WILL be completed!


Lastly the LIFE TIME WARRANTY is through us, NOT the manufacturer.  There are no "hoops" to jump through. We are located in the U.S.  If the unit ever fails we will replace it and reimburse your expense in sending the defective product back to us.




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